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I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Of the 15,000 children interned in the transit camp at the Czechoslovakian garrison town of Terezin, only 100 survived. The memory of those who died was preserved in 6,000 poems and drawings they did, using materials that adult artists stole for them at great peril.

The hidden work, discovered after the camp was liberated, provided the material for this moving and often reprinted book, which presents a unique perspective on the Holocaust experience.

Israeli astronaut Ilon Ramon had carried a drawing called Moon Landscape by 14-year-old Terezin artist Peter Ginz aboard the space shuttle Columbia, which tragically exploded February 1, 2003. (The drawing was not part of the Pollock collection, nor had it been featured in I Never Saw Another Butterfly.)

From the Book: Images

  Butterflies, by Eva Bulová
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Queue for Food, by Liana Franklová
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Dancing Children, by Helena Schanzerová
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  Fantasy, by Nelly Silvínová
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Garden, by Ruth Cechová
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From the Book: Poems

The Butterfly
  Pavel Friedmann was born January 7, 1921, in Prague and deported to Terezín on April 26, 1942. He died in Oswiecim (Auschwitz) on September 29, 1944.

  The date "9.III. 1943" is in the upper right corner. All other facts missing.

  Eva Picková was born in Nymburk on May 15, 1929, deported to Terezín on April 16, 1942, and perished in Oswiecim (Auschwitz) on December 18, 1943.

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