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Visiting the Collection

The Centennial College Libraries actively encourage use of the John and Molly Pollock Holocaust Collection, which may be done by making an appointment via e-mail at library@centennialcollege.ca. Centennial College students, faculty, staff and alumni and members of the general public are invited to use the collection.

The following policies are designed to allow the fullest possible access to materials while protecting the integrity of the collection, in accordance with generally accepted procedures for handling archival materials.

Books in the collection are housed separately and do not circulate. Staff retrieve materials from the stacks. Researchers are to identify their reason for using the collection when making appointments, and must provide photo identification before using its materials. All materials must be handled carefully, some with special attention, and researchers must agree to follow all rules set out for the protection of all materials in the collection.

Only pencils may be used in the reading room. Using pens or indelible pencils is prohibited. Food and beverages are prohibited in the reading room. Materials may not be marked, damaged or re-arranged.

Descriptive bibliographic entries for all materials in the collection are accessible in the college's on-line library catalogue. The collection is fully catalogued and available on-line at library.centennialcollege.ca or via the collection's own catalogue at centennial.ocls.ca/holocaustcollection.html.

All materials in the collection must be used in accordance with Canadian copyright law. Users assume full responsibility for the use of materials and for conforming to the laws of defamation, privacy and copyright, and shall indemnify and hold harmless Centennial College from claims arising as a result of using materials so obtained.

Procedures for photocopying reflect Centennial College's adherence to the laws of copyright and its commitment to preserving the materials in the collection. Requests for photocopying materials from the collection must be approved by one of the collection's professional staff.

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